Dummy weapon

In the arsenal there are dummies of cold weapons and firearms.

A blank weapon is a product designed to simulate a shot with special imitation ammunition. The use of other ammunition in an empty weapon is impossible without special preparatory work.

Firearms are long-range and close-range weapons in which the force of gas pressure, which is formed during the combustion of propellant explosive (gunpowder) or special combustible mixtures, is used to disperse and eject a projectile (mines, bullets) from the barrel.

Useful Tips

The story, the way of life of the character in the film should be ideally combined with the weapon. A dummy should not be simple, for example: a magical world means there should be wands, if the film is filmed for military reasons, then you should choose an exact copy of a real weapon so that the picture looks more convincing.

The type of weapon should not be similar to the weapon in the standard sense. A weapon can serve as a suit, a car, a part of a human body. That is, when creating a good dummy, one should think not only about realism, but also about futurism.

Services for the creation and rental of dummies

We will create or find a suitable type of dummy taking into account the plot, characters and environment of the film.