Filming technique, lights

Motion picture camera, motion picture camera, motion picture camera – a device designed to record a moving image on film. The recording process is called filming, and the resulting image is used to create a motion picture.

Lighting allows the camera to record a high-quality image and is usually needed to increase or decrease the depth of field. However, lighting is also an excellent audience manipulator. The eye refers to the brightest part of the image.

Useful Tips

The best time to fiml is in the morning hours (up to noon) and the period from 5-6 pm until the moment when the sun hides behind the horizon. The light will be soft, creating long shadows.

High resolution is the optimal setting, by definition, videos and photos come out better with it. However, you need to learn how to find a balance between the size of the picture and the amount of memory on the card – or buy some removable media.

Provision of equipment for filming

Our studio will provide you with all the necessary equipment for filming a high-quality film, video or short film.