Filmmaking is the process of creating motion pictures from the initial concept to the direct presentation of the finished product to the audience in cinemas, via television or the Internet. Filmmaking exists in many countries and touches the economic, social and political spheres of life.

As a rule, filmmaking requires the involvement of a large number of people, a lot of time and money. The leading place in the production of films belongs to feature films, the creation of which is the most difficult and costly.

Useful Tips

An hour and a half is considered ideal timing. It all depends on the picture, for example, short films can turn out to be more exciting and interesting, it all depends on the script and the setting of the shot.

A good and instructive story is considered the key to the success of any film. Consult with writers, musicians, artists – they will help you write a quality scenario.


Filmmaking is one of the main activities of “Moldova Film”. Contact us, and we will help you create a unique piece from scratch.