Sound rooms, printing

The acoustical properties of the room make a certain contribution to the quality of the sound panorama perceived by the listener.

Not everyone has special rooms designed exclusively for the installation of high-end audio equipment.

For this, the necessary specialized premises

Printing is a branch of industry engaged in the manufacture of: book and magazine, business, newspaper, label, cartographic, packaging, display and other printed products.

Useful Tips

Come to the studio with basic training. Don’t start recording in the studio until you’ve rehearsed everything at home.

Bring the text with you. Excitement can play a cruel joke on you: almost when writing, they forget the text. Be sure to write down the words on paper or have the text on your smartphone.


Printing is a constantly developing industry. In order to make orders quickly and efficiently, you need to regularly update the workshops, purchasing the latest machines, improving printing and post-printing technologies.