Film set

What is a film set?

Film set – a place designated, equipped and used for filming an episode or sequence of episodes of a movie.

The number and location of the film sets are determined by the director of the film in the process of creating the director’s script for the film, in accordance with his editing plan.

On the set before filming, the production director develops mise-en-scenes, conducts rehearsals. In some cases, screen tests can be held on the site, especially when preparing a live broadcast.

The operator of the film builds the composition of the frame and specifies the lighting during shooting, builds a scheme for moving the camera and schemes for changing the focal length and focusing of the lens.

Useful Tips

The comfort of the movie set is built in preparation. With proper organization, the site becomes not only a place to work, but also a place pleasant to spend time with.

When choosing a group, it is important to take into account not only professional, but also human qualities. Hiring a high-quality professional, but with a conflicting nature, can adversely affect the work of the entire team.

It is impossible to control the film site from the cabinet.


Films shot in our country are gaining popularity not only in the country, but also abroad:

  • Epiphany
  • 9 lives
  • Boredom and inspiration
  • The escape
  • Hunter

And many other films that have deservedly received audience sympathy and recognition.