The world of cinema in the Republic of Moldova has lost one of the most famous cameramen and directors. Vlad Churya passed away.

One of the most famous filmmakers and cameramen from the Republic of Moldova passed away. Professor, Honored Master of Arts, National Prize Laureate Vlada Churya, died on Thursday, February 18, at the age of 80. Director Mihai Poyate announced the sad news on social media.

“From now on – without Vlad Churi… A cameraman who collaborated with the most important directors of Moldova Film: Emil Loteanu, Valeriu Gagiu, Vasile Pascaru… University professor who trained several generations of young cameramen, sharing the secrets of his profession and skills ;.

Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers, respected by his colleagues and everyone who knew him. A person and an artist who had the wisdom to say little and do a LOT … From now on, Vlad Churya will see and shoot us from above … Farewell, Vlad! – wrote Mihai Poyate.

Vlad Churya was born on January 20, 1941 in Chisinau. In 1961-1964. studied at the camera department of the All-Union Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. In 1964-1965 he worked as a cameraman at the Kazakh-Film studio. In 1966-1998. worked as a lighting operator, then as an image assistant at the Moldova-Film studio. In 1998 he worked as a cameraman at the Catalan TV studio. After the studio was closed, he worked as a teacher at the International Film Academy, then at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts in Chisinau. He also collaborated with National Television. He also collaborated with famous directors: Emil Loteanu, Vasile Pascaru, Alexander Konunov, Valeriu Gajiu, Gheorghe Voda and others.

He took part in the filming of the films: “A Swan Floats on the Water” (1982), “Men’s Friendship” (1983), “I Like Nobody” (1983), “The Life and Immortality of Sergei Lazo” (1985), “Picket Silence ”(1985),“ Civil Action ”(1988),“ Codri ”(1991),“ Yana ”(2004), etc. He was a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Moldova, and in 1991 he was elected chairman of this Union. In 1979, Vlad Chura was awarded the honorary title “Master of Arts of the MSSR”. In 1981 he was awarded the National Prize.